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The University's academic mission is "to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence". This can only be achieved with the support of our professional services staff. These are non-academic staff who cover a wide variety of roles and make a critical contribution to the work of the University.

ourcambridge is a staff-centric programme developed in response to your feedback. It is designed to unlock the potential of our professional services staff in support of the mission of the University. It aims to achieve this through three work streams: Supporting our Staff, Simplifying our Processes and Ways of Working.

The programme is open to everyone and everyone has a role to play. ourcambridge will be guided by your feedback. We want you to tell us what you believe is working well and what can be improved. Our ultimate goal is ensure you feel valued, work in a satisfying environment and have equal opportunities for development. 

ourcambridge is supported by a wide range of activity.

Read the roadmap of planned ourcambridge activity (PDF)

See how our programme focus has developed (PDF)

Through the ourcambridge programme, our focus is on improving the job satisfaction of professional services staff and reducing the impact of overly complicated processes by getting rid of red tape. This will enable us to bring about postive cultural change and help create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Read more at: Supporting our Staff

Supporting our Staff

This work stream is focused on recognising and supporting the critical contribution our professional services staff make to the University. The key elements will focus on specific areas which include the career structure for professional services staff, mentoring and peer-to-peer support...

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Read more at: Simplifying our Processes

Simplifying our Processes

Our Mission To be a university "defined by its purpose, not by its processes". We want our processes across all areas of professional services, including Finance and HR, to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our aim is to establish consistent principles which enable teams to use their local...

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Read more at: Ways of Working

Ways of Working

The Ways of Working work stream was added to the ourcambridge programme as a result of your ideas. It complements Supporting our Staff and Simplifying our Processes , although there is inevitably some overlap. Ways of Working covers a variety of themes which include digital workplace, working...

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In over 20 years of working for the University, this is the first time I feel I can believe that there is (at last) a sincere attempt to reduce the (sometimes) ridiculous amount of administration associated with even simple activities.
Comment submitted at ourcambridge launch event


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