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The University's academic mission is supported by a host of non-academic staff members covering many varied roles. Collectively termed 'professional services', they make a critical contribution to the work of the University. ourcambridge is a staff-centric programme designed to recognise and realise the potential of our professional services staff by improving staff morale and simplifying processes.

The programme is open to everyone and all are able to play a part. ourcambridge will be guided by feedback from you and the ultimate goal is that you feel valued, work in a satisfying environment and have equal opportunities for development. 

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The focus of the programme is on both the job satisfaction of professional services staff and the impact of overly complicated processes. There are three complementary elements to the programme: supporting our staff, simplifying our processes, and ways of working.

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Supporting our Staff

This work strean is focused on recognising and supporting the critical work our professional services staff contribute to the University. The key elements will focus on: Career structure for professional services staff This is the most important aspect and a catalyst to achieving the goals of the...

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Simplifying our Processes

The Vice-Chancellor said in his annual speech on 1 October that we need a University which is “ defined by its purpose and its principles, not by its processes ” . This element aims to ensure that we take a consistent approach to our processes and, importantly, to improving them, from local...

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Ways of Working

The programme initially comprised of two complementary pillars ( Supporting our Staff and Simplifying our Processes ) underpinned by staff engagement and communications. Following ideas submitted by staff through the programme's engagement, a revised programme framework has been developed. This new...

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Latest news and events

Case Study: Electronic certificates improve Finance process

14 October 2019

Inspired by the ourcambridge programme, the Finance Division has already made great progress in introducing a number of improvements as part of an on-going process...

Registrary's thoughts

2 October 2019

I am sitting down to write this having listened this morning to the Vice-Chancellor giving his annual address to the University. It was a huge...

We are the champions - meet Maggie Harriss

17 September 2019

Becoming an ourcambridge champion means joining a fast-growing team of volunteers who are giving their time and energy to help make the University a better...

In over 20 years of working for the University, this is the first time I feel I can believe that there is (at last) a sincere attempt to reduce the (sometimes) ridiculous amount of administration associated with even simple activities.
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