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We are the champions

Over 200 professional services staff have signed up to be ourcambridge champions with Heather Capitain becoming the 200th – and our champion community continues to grow.

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But what does being a champion actually involve? As a staff centric programme, being a champion means supporting the activities and initiatives that form the ourcambridge programme, choosing how little or how much you’d like to do. This can be anything from acting as an advocate by spreading the word about ourcambridge to your colleagues and encouraging them to get involved, to participating in a specific project you’re interested in (for example by becoming part of a planning or work group) – or even taking on a leadership role. You choose your level of commitment. If you want to participate in or lead a project, you will need to do this in consultation with your line manager as part of your professional development and to enable any appropriate adjustments to be made.

As a champion you can also attend special networking events, provide input into consultations and take part in ourcambridge projects under our three themes of Supporting our Staff, Simplifying our Processes and Ways of Working.

It’s all about bringing your energy, enthusiasm and ideas to the programme. We want to hear your suggestions – and those of your colleagues – and value your views on what we can do to improve the working lives of our professional services staff. It is also important to us that our champions act as a ‘critical friend’ and provide on-going feedback so that we can ensure our activities are making the most positive impact. Your voice really counts - and we are listening.

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Some of your questions answered

What are the benefits?

Becoming an ourcambridge champion brings benefits for personal and professional growth, such as being able to collaborate and network with colleagues you may not normally come into contact with. It helps you to break down barriers, build new relationships across the University and gain new skills and knowledge. Most importantly you will play an important role in helping to shape our future. You will also gain access to special learning and development opportunities such as LinkedIn Learning and lean/business process training.

Do I need any special training to become a champion?

Not at all. We simply need your energy and enthusiasm. However, if you do have special skills or knowledge then you will have the opportunity to use them in support of ourcambridge. You will also have the opportunity to develop news skills through collaborating with your colleagues.

Do I have to be a member of professional services staff to become an ourcambridge champion?

Not at all. This is an inclusive programme and all are welcome. All University staff can register as an ourcambridge champion. Simply click on the link on the ourcambridge website that says ‘Volunteer as an ourcambridge champion’.

Can I be an ourcambridge champion if there is already a champion in my department or area?

Absolutely! We want as many champions as possible from as many areas as possible. We have an ambitious target of 600 champions across the University, so the more the merrier.

Do I need permission from my manager?

Everyone is free to volunteer to become an ourcambridge champion. However, as part of your normal conversations with your manager, you should make them aware of your desire to be involved.  In particular, as stated, if you would like to take part in or lead on a project, you should do this in consultation with your manager.


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Rachel Plunkett, Assistant Faculty Administrator at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, sits on the Oversight Board and is a key link for champions to the Oversight Board for feedback and questions.

Current champions can join the ourcambridge Yammer group which is open to all.