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You can follow the progress of the ourcambridge programme on this website, but the team are also using Yammer!

We will use Yammer to provide shorter, more dynamic updates, which may signpost new information on the website. Yammer is a social networking service that aids communication within organisations, specifically for a mix of announcements and information to a wide audience across organisational boundaries. We all have access to it through the University's Microsoft Office 365 subscription, and it can be used on PC, Mac, laptop, tablets and mobile phones.

Why is ourcambridge using Yammer?

Yammer can provide fantastic opportunities for greater collaboration, interaction, and involvement, whatever your job role or location. We want to use Yammer as an open forum to keep you up to date with the latest news and share information in a safe and secure environment.

We want to use Yammer to ask questions, share best practice across the University, and to publicise events.

How do I use Yammer?

We've posted instructions on how to use Yammer...on Yammer

Come and explore the ourcambridge Yammer.