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Encouraging professional networks within the University

You asked ourcambridge for more opportunities to collaborate with different people across the University who work in similar roles or have similar professional interests and responsibilities.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) enable people to discuss ideas in an informal manner, learning from one another, exploring shared goals, and sharing best practice. In 2019 ourcambridge held a seminar at which Daniela Bultoc, Head of Communities of Practice at UCL, gave a presentation on the success of CoPs in her institution. The University is undertaking a research and fieldwork collaboration with UCL which started in January 2020. The aim is to provide support and recommendations for CoPs across the University from March 2020 onwards, building on the good work of existing CoPs.

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Want to help this idea come alive?

If you're working on something at the moment that sounds like this idea, or if you've got something to contribute towards its realisation, get in touch.