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Creating opportunities across the University

It is clear that you want more mentoring opportunities, both to help in your daily work but also to support your career development. The ourcambridge team recognises that these opportunities need not always be formal. Informal mentoring can also work well in the form of peer-to-peer support.

Under ourcambridge, we have developed a Mentoring Network that brings together people across the University who are either involved with or leading mentorship programmes, enabling them to share good practice. This network is using Yammer as a communication and collaboration tool. The ultimate aim is to become a Community of Practice. The group has already discussed a vision of what they want to achieve, and are looking at gaps in mentoring provision to work out how to implement mentoring most effectively across the University. As part of this, we are trialling speed mentoring and are conducting a self-match mentoring pilot.

Speed Mentoring 

Have you ever wished you could get 10 minutes with a senior colleague to ask their advice on how they would handle something? Have you ever wondered how others approach challenging problems? This is your opportunity to ask. We are bringing together a panel of senior managers and leaders from across the University for a special speed mentoring session so that they can offer you their support and advice.

Speed mentoring offers you the opportunity for a series of short, focused conversations about a specific question or issue you are struggling with. You will rotate around four different mentors, spending around 10 minutes with each, to gain different perspectives on an issue you are seeking to resolve or a project you are trying to progress.


Self-Match Mentoring Pilot

The Self-Match Mentoring pilot went live at the beginning of June and provides you with the opportunity to find a mentor yourself, without the need for an intermediary. Please visit this page for more details.


The Mentorship Working Group is reviewing online guidance for mentors and mentees, making sure  information aligns with other guidance, e.g. the induction policy. This is being fed into the development of a ‘one stop shop’ for all mentoring and peer-to-peer support information on the University’s PPD webpages.

Ourcambridge has also been developing the idea of new starters having a buddy during their probation. This will help peer-to-peer support become part of the way the University works from the moment a new member of staff joins.

The work by ourcambridge on Communities of Practice will also tie into providing more networks for staff to discover potential mentoring relationships.

Want to help this idea come alive?

If you're working on something at the moment that sounds like this idea, or if you've got something to contribute towards its realisation, get in touch.