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Lean training helps create a more collaborative culture

Lean training and Lean thinking are fast becoming embedded as part of a more efficient and collaborative way of working across the University, thanks to the Simplfying our Processes (SoP) team. Lean for practitioners In January 2021, the team delivered a successful 1B Lean Practitioner pilot. The next scheduled course is 2...

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Promoting digital ways of working

Working as co-lead with UIS, the Ways of Working (WoW) ourcambridge team is focussing on the Digital Workplace programme, one of the University's Recovery Plan projects. The WoW team has been doing some initial scoping, having conversations and holding a workshop session with teams from some of the other Recovery Plan...

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Improving SRD conversations

As a part of a project to improve the frequency, quality and impact of SRD (Staff Review and Development) conversations for professional services staff, ourcambridge is collaborating with UIS to offer a number of peer support sessions. The sessions are designed to explore some of the more challenging aspects. Topics...

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Feedback shows positive impact of self-match mentoring scheme

An evaluation of feedback about the first six months of the self-match mentoring scheme shows it has had a significant positive impact on both mentors and mentors. The evaluation report shows that 71% said it expanded their professional network, 57% said it supported their professional development and 100% said they would...

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New guide on holding effective hybrid meetings

The ourcambridge team has produced a handy two page guide on how to hold effective hybrid meetings. The guide forms part of the Effective Meetings project. A hybrid meeting can be described as one in which some attendees join in person and some participate remotely. This may be something that occurs more frequently within...

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Case study - DocuSign improves contracts process

The advent of COVID-19 saw the Reseach Operations Team implement DocuSign for contracts in record time, permanently improving the process, with over 2000 documents signed electronically since March 2020. Why did you need to do this? The previous Research Operations (ROO) contracts signature process consisted of printing...

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Top tips for one-to-one meetings

The ourcambridge team has produced a handy three-pager which contains some top tips for having effective one-to-ones. Why not use the Trello Board template and see how it can help guide the discussion, and assign and track any follow-up actions? Regular one-to-one meetings are an essential part of building effective...

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Latest ourcambridge benefits report shows positive progress

The latest quarterly ourcambridge benefits report shows positive progress in delivering a wide range of improvements for professional services staff and the wider University. It highlights key results and achievements and is designed to help communicate the bigger picture of what the ourcambridge programme aims to achieve...

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Case Study - Removing paper in Pharmacology

The onset of COVID-19 led to a dramatic reduction in the amount of paper used by the Accounts Office in Pharmacology, saving time, money and storage space. Why did you need to do this? The Accounts Office was using an astronomical amount of paper and space. While the team had been aware of the problem, the intention was to...

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New Lean Practitioner training launched

The Simplifying our Processes (SoP) team is pleased to announce the launch of the next Lean Practitioner Training course on 2 and 3 March. This is a Lean Competency System (LCS) accredited course. The team achieved accreditation in September 2020. What does the course involve? The course involves a two-day training session...

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