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We are pleased to announce the launch of the ourcambridge Ideas Exchange.

When we asked for your ideas on how to improve life for professional services staff, we were overwhelmed by the huge response. You came up with nearly 1,000! This gave us plenty of food for thought, as well as a sizeable task in reviewing and sorting them.

Some of the ideas are ‘quick wins’ and have already been implemented. Others are more strategic and longer term so are being used to help inform our thinking. Some are being progressed through existing projects or relate to resources that already exist, or issues that have already been addressed.

A key part of our work has been in highlighting existing resources and making it easier to find relevant information. The Ideas Exchange will also help with this.

People first

Many of the ideas you submitted relate to projects which fall under the Supporting our Staff work stream. These include mentoring opportunities, Communities of Practice, flexible working, technician development and shaping our secondments

We have therefore launched the Ideas Exchange with the Supporting our Staff work stream under the following headings:

  • Your start
  • Your career
  • Your recognition
  • Your wellbeing

This will be followed by Simplifying our Processes.

Your voice counts

Throughout the process, your input has been invaluable. Many of you have submitted ideas using the special form on the ourcambridge website. Please keep them coming. In addition, we have held face to face meetings, conducted conversations on Yammer, held workshops (including Ways of Working attended by over 100 people) and had ongoing conversations with a range of colleagues at all levels.

The Ideas Exchange is designed to enable you to keep up to date with progress on the ideas you have submitted. Thank you to everyone who took the time to put a suggestion forward. Many of the ideas overlapped or were duplicated so, with your help, we have refined and amalgamated them, where appropriate. However, we can assure you that we have read and reviewed all of them.

Look out for Simplifying our Processes – coming to the Ideas Exchange soon!

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay 

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