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The University ran a Lessons Learned survey in May this year to understand in detail people's experiences of lockdown. Coordinated by the ourcambridge team, it was issued via the Vice-Chancellor's message and ran for three weeks.

He commented:

"We have all had to adapt very quickly to different ways of working. We now have an opportunity to learn from this experience to improve our working practices in the future."

"I hope that there will be examples of good practice to share, to learn from and to carry forward." 

We received a fantastic response to the survey - thank you to everyone who took part. The team has now analysed the results in terms of themes, and the findings will inform the way the University continues to adapt to the challenges posed by the virus, particularly in relation to work, study, travel and wellbeing. 

Key themes

The top three themes identified in the ‘good’ category were:

  1. No commute and less site travel (65%)
  2. Flexibility and control over working hours, including breaks’ (45%)
  3. Increased productivity due to lack of distractions/interruptions (29%)’.

The top three themes in the ‘not so good’ category were:

  1. Lack of social contact/face-to-face interaction (76%)
  2. Unsuitable working environment’ (30%)
  3. Boundaries between work and home life blurred’ (20%).  

A summarised version of the results has been produced for all staff and is available on the COVID-19 SharePoint site as well as on the ourcambridge website.

Lockdown lessons videos

We asked members of staff to share their personal experiences of lockdown, both 'good' and 'not so good'. The first two videos cover the themes of communications and reducing paper. A big thank you to our colleagues who took the time to tell their stories.

Communications: Samantha Munns, Isabel Ronaldson, Charlotte Diggins and Anna Langley.

Reducing paper:  Kim Cole, Alberto Sciretti and Niall Taylor.


Image by Gerd Altmann from PIxabay.