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You said, we did

As part of the Ways of Working feedback, you said you wanted easy to understand information about key processes.

In response to your feedback, we have created some simple user guides to help you get started. 

We'll add more guides as they are developed.

Download this quick Lookup guide.

Download this guide on reducing paper.

Download this guide on working remotely.

Download this guide on accessing Microsoft 365.

Download this basic overview of the Microsoft Teams interface.

Download this basic guide to a Microsoft Teams video call.

Download this interactive guide to find out which digital communication tool to use when.

Download this quick guide to find out how to handle your data safely.

Download this quick guide on password security

For instructions on how to download Microsoft Teams this guidance page is very useful. Note: To access Teams in a browser you need to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge - other browsers such as Firefox do not work.

Once you have familiarised yourself with Microsoft Teams, our colleagues in UIS have created a Teams Hub where you can get lots of detailed guidance.

You can also visit the Remote Working Support channel on Yammer, a new self-help space in which anyone can ask questions and share their tips with the University’s remote working community. Trying to help each other by resolving common issues in this forum will free-up valuable time for both the UIS Service Desk and local IT support desks to deal with the most urgent requests for help. Before you contact the helpdesk, check out the Yammer group to see if someone has already solved the problem you are experiencing.

The Simplifying our Processes team has been considering ways to turn the current lockdown into something positive. Please feel free to use this handy crib sheet to help you to reflect. 

Miro is a digital whiteboard platform which may be useful for collaborating when everyone is not physically together in the same room. We have created an introductory guide to Miro to help you get started.