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Many of us will feel apprehensive and have questions about returning to the workplace following a lengthy period of lockdown and the associated fear of catching Covid-19 or passing it to friends and family members. This is completely understandable.  

Before you are asked to return to the workplace, you can be assured that, based on the latest government advice, various changes to working practices will have been introduced to reduce the risk. To help you make the transition back into the workplace, we suggest that, as well as having discussions with your line manager, small groups of staff meet remotely to consider how to use the space safely and support each other to feel safe in the workplace.  

The ourcambridge team has produced a personal toolkit template to help facilitate these discussions. There is also a personal toolkit template available in Word

Read the Safe Space Circles Guidance, which contains facilitation hints and tips and ground rules for running a Safe Space Circle.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please email the ourcambridge team.