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Our mission

To be a university "defined by its purpose, not by its processes". 

We want our processes across all areas of professional services, including Finance and HR, to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our aim is to establish consistent principles which enable teams to use their local knowledge and expertise to determine the best solution for their needs.

Our approach

The Simplifying our Processes team are here to facilitate and support process improvement across all areas of professional services. We can offer varying levels of input, depending on your needs.

Using Lean methodology and tools, we base our approach on a flexible framework for change. Using a considered approach we can work closely with teams and offer hands-on, structured support to local process improvement initiatives. 

We also offer light-touch facilitation and guidance for initiatives already underway, and are happy to advise at any stage of a process improvement project.

Whether you’re looking at departmental change, a complex process review or if you would just like some impartial support or facilitation, please contact the team using our online form.

Our training

We provide a suite of training and development opportunities on process improvement to develop your skills and knowledge in this area. From this, you are encouraged to facilitate discussions and enable continuous improvement to take place within your own teams.

During 2020 the Simplifying our Processes team have been reviewing and updating our training provision and are pleased to announce that we have gained accreditation via the Lean Competency System for the delivery of Introduction to Lean and Lean Practitioner training.


Currently all training is being delivered via Microsoft Teams.

Bookings can be made via UTBS by searching on the Business Improvement Theme. The following courses are available:

Introduction to Lean – Certified LCS Level 1a

Effective use of workspace - using the 5S tool to help

Lean Practitioner - Certified LCS Level 1b

Analysing Business Processes

Further training courses will be introduced in the coming months including topics such as 'Facilitating Virtually for Lean'.

A number of bite-sized training modules are already available via the UoC: ourcambridge Training Microsoft Stream Channel or via the UoC: Business Improvement Learning path on LinkedIn Learning. Available topics are:

  • What is Lean?
  • 8 Process Wastes
  • Understanding the Root Cause - 5 Why’s meets 6 Honest Men
  • Process Mapping and Analysis
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Benefits in Lean Management

Our impact

Take a look at some of our success stories below. And use this share your story link to tell us about your own process improvements!

Simplifying our processes in the Finance Division

The ourcambridge team simplifying their data-processing methods

Research dashboard

Improving the University's digital presence

Grading review

Timetabling improvements at MMLL

Applying 5S in the HR Administration Team

Electronic Certificates in the Finance Division

Removing Paper in Pharmacology

DocuSign improves contracts process


It's great to see the University accepting that processes are cumbersome and are looking to change things.
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