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Being a mentor or mentee

All of the mentors on the scheme have come forward because they believe in the value of mentoring. Mentoring is not only a great opportunity for the mentee, it is also an excellent opportunity for the mentor. Mentoring develops your listening and communication skills, expands your professional network and and builds your confidence. It allows you to give something back, which can be rewarding. 

Please note this scheme is aimed at professional services employees.


Feedback from our mentors

“I have received mentoring and support in project management and business improvement from different members of the university. It has really helped me to build confidence and linked me to a network of people to share ideas with and take advice from. From this experience I can see how valuable mentoring is and would like to try and support someone else in the same way that I have been.”                      

Elin Davies, Graduate Admissions Office

“I see mentoring as an exciting opportunity to meet new people and to work with them to support them through a challenge or opportunity, but mentoring is very much a two-way relationship and it's also a great chance for me to learn from them in return. So much of working at the University of Cambridge is about building a network of contacts who you can approach for advice and support, and mentoring is a natural expansion of that personal and professional network - usually with friendly meetings over coffee!”                                                             

Cathy Barton, School of the Physical Sciences 

“I enjoy mentoring as it provides a confidential space for colleagues to share their story, to know that they are being listened to and more importantly that they are heard. It is not about providing an answer to a problem, or a ready-packed solution to a question, instead it is a conversation to empower the mentee to look at their situation from varied perspectives to enable them to make a decision that they are confident to implement.”                                                                                                                                                                                   

Holly Tilbrook, Finance Division

Feedback from our mentees

"I really value the time I spend with my mentor, I have had several "light bulb" moments thanks to my mentor's insight and input!” 


“My mentor is being really supportive and kind. He is providing me very good ideas about how to handle situations, where to get a proper training and how to face challenges related to focusing correctly on growing and learning from any scenario. I'm really happy with this scheme.” 


 “Our sessions have been incredibly useful for me so far. I was introduced to new resources i.e. LiL videos, Miro, etc. re project management, and we've already set goals for my professional development. My mentor has been very enthusiastic about sharing her experiences with me -which is what I was looking for. She is also talented in asking 'spot on' questions! I highly recommend everyone sign up for this scheme if they haven't yet.” 


“It is going very well. When I started I had results I wanted to achieve. My focus has shifted from results to development process. The important thing is to take action and there will be results, but not necessarily the one I expected.”