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"Having a strong set of professional services values to guide the way in which we work is a critical element of ensuring that we all feel valued and supported; in other words, it is a critical element of ourcambridge."

Emma Rampton, Registrary                                            

Moving Forward

Our values underpin everything we do. The ourcambridge team is working on the next phase of bringing the professional services values to life and embedding them within the University. The values were developed by professional services staff following a series of workshops and a staff survey, culminating in a special event at Madingley Hall. This saw staff come together to discuss the top values, explore what they mean in practice and how to embed them. The final values, decided by you, are: 


  • We work together by sharing skills, expertise and knowledge to achieve a common goal.
  • We break down barriers and create a sense of community.


  • We are inclusive and treat everyone with fairness and kindness. 
  • We are courteous in our interactions and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.


  • We are professional, open and committed to doing what we say we will do
  • We are true to ourselves and others


  • We have honest and open relationships underpinned by our shared values.  
  • We create an environment where people feel empowered.

Supporting our Staff

The values are at the heart of current projects under the Supporting our Staff work stream and are being embedded into all aspects of the employee lifecycle:

  • Your Start (recruitment and induction etc)
  • Your Career (learning and development programmes etc)
  • Your Recognition (award schemes etc)
  • Your Wellbeing (flexible working, wellbeing check-ins etc). 

The team is also working on mapping the values onto behaviours to help ensure they underpin both how we work and how we interact with each other, truly bringing them to life.

Your voice counts

If you have any thoughts or ideas relating to the values, we'd love to hear from you, so please contact the ourcambridge team at