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The ourcambridge progamme has a work plan which stretches across the three work streams: Supporting our staff, Simplifying our processes, and Ways of working.

View the ourcambridge road map (PDF)

To date, the focus of ourcambridge has been on engagement, developing the community of champions, and working on the ourcambridge change framework.

Supporting our staff

Under the Supporting our staff theme, areas of focus include:

  • secondment opportunities and approach, including structure, policy, guidance, process and culture
  • mentorship and peer-to-peer support, including guidance, information, and a network
  • flexible working, including recruitment information and guidance
  • induction
  • PPD policy, including options to support an embedded learning culture, such as learning days or other mechanisms
  • new starter process.

Simplifying our processes

Under the Simplifying our processes work stream, areas of focus include the following:

  • Our training suite continues to develop. We are currently undergoing assessment which will result in us being accredited with the Lean Competency System. We anticipate that the new version of Introduction to Lean will be available in October 2020.
  • We have been working with PPD and West Suffolk College to support the introduction of a Continuous Improvement Level 4 apprenticeship. An information webinar has been scheduled for 14 October. Details are available here.
  • Disability Resource Centre (DRC) - Student Support Document (SSD). We are continuing to support the DRC in the implementation of recommendations made during the earlier stages of the review and will be handing over detailed requirements to the CamSIS team in UIS for development and delivery at the end of Q1 2021.
  • We have initiated a piece of work to review processes and best practice for Academic Visitor Management across the University. The first meeting of the working group has been scheduled for 30 September.
  • A number of Process Improvement Clinics have taken place during August. These are short one to one sessions which can be booked on request to discuss process problems. After the success of this pilot activity we will be scheduling regular bookable slots.
  • Local Initiatives underway or about to start include work with:
    • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CEB) - technicians group
    • Clinical School - administrative cluster

Please see the Simplifying our Processes page for further information about the services we offer. If you would like help or support from the team, please complete and submit our request form.

Ways of working

Under the Ways of Working theme, areas of focus include:

  • Community: creating Communities of Practice (CoPs) and professional networks to share best practice
  • Digital conferencing: encouraging the use of video and teleconferencing within the University
  • Effective communication: making sure communications are effective and fit for purpose
  • Effective meetings: improving the way we meet
  • Finding people: improving Lookup to help find colleagues
  • Reducing paper: how to reduce paper use within the University and adopt paperless practices.