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The ourcambridge progamme has a work plan which stretches across the three work streams: Supporting our staff, Simplifying our processes, and Ways of working.

View the ourcambridge road map (PDF)

To date, the focus of ourcambridge has been on engagement, developing the community of champions, and working on the ourcambridge change framework.

Supporting our staff

Under the Supporting our staff theme, areas of focus include:

  • secondment opportunities and approach, including structure, policy, guidance, process and culture
  • mentorship and peer-to-peer support, including guidance, information, and a network
  • flexible working, including recruitment information and guidance
  • induction
  • PPD policy, including options to support an embedded learning culture, such as learning days or other mechanisms
  • new starter process.

Simplifying our processes

Under the Simplifying our processes theme, areas of focus include:

  • smaller, focussed local initiatives (see below) and Lean training
  • Estates Facilities with asset management
  • Disability Resource Centre (DRC) and their Business Process Review, with a focus on the Student Support Document (SSD)
  • Diary management in the EAO
  • Accommodation Service.

Ways of working

This is a newer work stream than the two above so is currently less developed. Activity to date has included:

  • establishing a Board and Working Group
  • a discovery phase, incorporating workshops, analysis of feedback, and prioritisation of ideas submitted.

This has informed the development of the Phase 2 ourcambridge roadmap.

Local initiatives

There is a wide range of initiatives for which ourcambridge is offering support. Here's a taster of what is currently going on under Simplifying our processes:

Where How is ourcambridge offering support
Postgraduate Admissions Review Mentoring and supporting the review
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Process mapping for the decant to the bunker
Engineering Division D Lean training
  Process mapping for the Graduate Admissions Process
  Reviewing bottlenecks
Physics Administration Review Lean training
  Vision and Challenge workshop
  Benefits Exploration Workshop
  SIPOC extra workshop
Graduate School of Life Sciences Admissions Review Process Review activity and SIPOC extra
Clinical Assessment Process mapping
Pensions and Payroll

Lean training

If you would like to find out more about how ourcambridge can help, please complete the initial request form.

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